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If making a visit to the dentist for a regular checkup brings on intense feelings of stress, you could be experiencing dental anxiety. At Haddonfield Dental, our friendly and caring dental team offers sedation dentistry in Cherry Hill to make the time you spend in our office comfortable.

Sedation dentistry is a dental practice that involves using medications, in either pill or intravenous (IV) form, to relieve fear related to going to the dentist. Intense anxiety that can prevent you from making routine dental checkups can also prevent you from attaining and maintaining good oral and systemic health. Through sedation dentistry, you can relieve anxiety and fear, making your visit to our Cherry Hill dental office a pleasant one.

How Do I Know If Sedation Dentistry Is for Me?

While people experience anxiety and fear differently, there are some common situations that could indicate you could benefit from sedation dentistry services. If you agree with one or more of these statements, call Haddonfield Dental office to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation.

• I have canceled dental appointments before due to anxiety related to going to the dentist.
• Going to the dentist fills me with dread, anxiety and worry.
• When I am at the dentist, I am afraid of loss of control.
• I am experiencing bleeding gums, a toothache or gum swelling, but am too fearful to go to the dentist.
• I feel terrified or physically ill when I think about having to go to the dentist.

What Types of Sedation Dentistry Services Does Haddonfield Dental Offer?

At Haddonfield Dental, we offer adult Intravenous, Anxiolysis, and Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry for patients in the Cherry Hill area.  IV sedation involves administering medication intravenously, which is a fast-acting way to relax patients and is very predictable and safe.   Anxiolysis involves taking a minimal amount of certain medications that have sedative effects to help relieve anxiety.  This can be utilized with or without Nitrous Oxide.  While you remain conscious during sedation, some types such as IV sedation will likely produce a certain degree of amnesia.  
Dr. Ahlo is certified and licensed to perform adult IV parenteral sedation to help you complete your dental treatment in a safe and caring environment.   You don’t have to let your fear of the dental office keep you from having healthy teeth and gums.

How Do I Decide What's Right for Me?

Our Cherry Hill sedation dentist can discuss how you feel when you go to the dentist, your medical history, and any reactions you may have experienced to past medications to determine the appropriate method to help you address your dental needs.  Keeping a healthy smile is important not only to your dental health, but also your overall health. Through sedation dentistry at Haddonfield Dental, you don't have to be afraid or anxious about going to the dentist again.

For more information on sedation dentistry at our Cherry Hill, NJ dental office, please contact us at (856) 857-0400 to request an appointment.

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