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Reasons To Choose Haddonfield Dental - South Jersey Dentistry in Cherry Hill

      At Haddonfield Dental, we understand that dental anxiety is a very personal and difficult thing to overcome.  We are the only practice in the entire South Jersey area that can treat the majority of your dental needs in one place, with several highly qualified specialty and general dentists, using a variety of safe and predictable sedation options. 

     Dr. Joseph Ahlo DMD, MS is a  Board Certified Periodontist, with several years of hospital residency training in the Columbia /NY Presbyterian Hospital system, as well as the Long Island Jewish Hospital system.
Unlike other dentists with minimal training, Dr. Ahlo is licensed to perform both oral and IV sedation, and does so with the patient’s safety and well-being as his main concern. Because we are able to treat the most difficult cases, many dentists in South Jersey send their very own patients to us because they simply are unable to treat them.

     In situations where extensive treatment is needed, our highly trained Dental Anesthesiologist, Dr. Jonathan Mendia, is available to perform the sedation so we can focus on the treatment in the safest, most reliable way possible.  From the smallest to the most difficult situation, every challenge is unique and we have the proven expertise and experience to help you find the right solution.That is also the reason why we can offer what no one else can provide. 


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