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At Haddonfield Dental, we offer Invisalign® clear braces in Cherry Hill to help you achieve the well-aligned smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalisn® is a modern dental innovation that allows you to straighten your teeth without visible metal braces.
If you have crowded, misaligned or even gapped teeth, you could benefit from treatment with Invisalign®.  Dr. Espinoza will take custom molds of your teeth and use special software to create a computerized mock-up of your teeth and how they’ll look after treatment is complete. The good news for many dental patients is that Invisalign® can discreetly and comfortably correct the same issues that were previously only addressed with metal braces.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign®?

In addition to the esthetic benefit of straightening your teeth with Invisalign®, there is also a health related benefit that you may not realize.  By straightening your teeth, you make it more predictable for you and your hygienist to clean your teeth.  This in turn decreases the likelihood of progressive gum disease in the majority of patients and vastly improves the prognosis of gum disease treatment in others.  Furthermore, having a balanced and even bite due to re-alignment only improves the stability of your overall dentition.
Cherry Hill Invisalign Provider - Dr. Espinoza

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Any orthodontic treatment meant to change your teeth’s alignment depends upon making small, subtle changes to your teeth over time that add up to a more attractive smile. Invisalign® accomplishes this through clear, plastic aligners that are custom-made to snap over your teeth and gently re-direct them to the ideal position. Invisalign® offers many benefits for orthodontic patients, including:

• Near invisibility
• Smooth comfort , so it won’t cut or injure the sensitive tissue on the inside of your mouth
• Removability, so you to eat all the foods you enjoy and can brush your teeth as you usually do
• No tightening of metal wires means fewer office visits
• Comparability in cost to that of metal braces
• Professional in appearance for adult patients 
The amount of time your Invisalign® treatment will last depends upon your smile’s current condition. Some patients may wear the aligners for a year, while others may only wear them for a few months. Regardless, the clear and custom-fit nature of the aligners means no one but you will know you are straightening your teeth.

How Does Invisalign® Compare to Traditional Metal Braces?

One of the most significant differences between Invisalign® and metal braces is the clear and form-fitting appearance of the clear aligner trays.

Additionally, Invisalign® aligners are removable. This means you do not have to work around metal brackets to brush or floss your teeth or worry about food particles getting stuck beneath a wire. While you should wear your Invisalign® for roughly 23 hours per day, you can remove them for mealtimes and to brush your teeth.
While Invisalign® aligners can correct a number of dental alignment issues, they may not be able to correct severe issues or bite alignment concerns.  As a preferred provider, Dr. Espinoza can help you determine the right option for you.
If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign® in Cherry Hill, contact the team at Haddonfield Dental to schedule your consultation

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